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Posted On : Wed, Dec 10, 2014

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient relaxation technique. It origins comes from the Far East almost five thousand years ago, it was practiced in the baths of ancient Rome. The European cultures applied hot stones to tired and sore muscles to alleviate tension and muscle pain and also used hot rocks to heat their saunas.

A hot stone therapy is different then a more traditional full body massage or a therapeutic massage in that it requires a more gentle touch and in some cases the therapist may not even touch you, other then to position the hot stones.

The wonderful thing about this type of massage is that it doesn't hurt, unlike other forms of massage that require deep and sometimes painful kneading. This makes it perfect for those whose pain threshold may not be very high and are not accustomed to hot stone therapy.

The combination of the heat and light massage strokes in hot stone therapy it will help with clearing toxins and unblock the body's natural channel of energy and in turn relieves stress and tension.

Traditional massage strokes are incorporated during the therapy while the stones are placed on the body. There are times when the therapist will also use the stones in applying pressure on the muscles.

The therapist always touches the stones first to make sure it's not too hot to scald the client's body. If there's anything that the client is uncomfortable with, he or she can speak up because the therapist welcomes any concerns and makes the necessary arrangements to ease the client's apprehension.

This therapy is known to be an effective way to release toxins that are clogged in the body. So make sure you drink a lot of water to flush all these toxins after your massage.

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