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Posted On : Thu, Dec 25, 2014

French Manicure Do’s and Don’ts!

Posted On : Thu, Dec 25, 2014

A strict no to squared edges – A soft, natural shape, like round or squoval (squared-oval), is more flattering than a hard edge. This is how traditional French manicures are supposed to look. Sharp square shaped nails are not for this kind of a manicure. So stay away from anyone who asks if you want square shapednails while giving you a French manicure.

Too White, too bright – Let’s get real here for a second; there is nothing natural about stark white tips. Using a soft white hue will give you a perfect French manicure. Stark white tips are too dramatic and aren’t usually used for French style nails.

If you want a more dramatic effect on your nails, don’t ask for a French manicure. Ask your nail technician for some trendy nail art instead.

Don’t wear thick tips – Meaning, keep your nails short or active length. The best French manicures we’ve seen are created with a thin stroke of white at the tip. That also means you don’t start the line halfway down your nail bed. The ideal size for the tips should be achieved in 2 or 2.5 weeks.

Chose the right base – I’m sure we would all love to have rosy pink skin peeking up through our nail plate but genetics is in charge here. Wearing a super pink base color when your skin is olive or yellow-based doesn’t work. Opt for creamy nude or peachy beige to best suit your coloring.

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