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Our therapist knows 72,000 ways to make you happy
2500 years ago the Thais, inspired by Indian Yoga practices, figured out that air circulates through our bodies in 72,000 pathways. Each pathway was called a "Sen". The Thais through rigorous practice learned the art of manipulating these pathways so as to rejuvenate the mind and revive the body. This process they ascertained would result in "Sabai" a.k.a happiness. Which is why we called the spa: Thai Sabai. Enter Thai Sabai Spa and you are surrounded by modern luxury. The lighting, and decor reflects an eastern ease designed to delight your senses. The staff is warm and welcoming. Expert therapists and masseurs work with you to peel away stress and tiredness of your mind and body. You can take your pick of massages from styles as wide ranging as Swedish to Thai. Choose from over 15 different Spa Services, provided by therapists who have an instinctive understanding of how to rejuvenate your body form the inside and out. Included in their repertoire are the Rajasamnak and Chalosiak techniques inspired by Thai therapists of yore. Why wait? Take an appointment to experience a "Rejuvenated You".
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Thai Sabai